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Brow Lift Surgery

A droopy eyebrow or brow ptosis could be age related or due to pathology around the eye, like a facial nerve palsy. There are several treatments available for the correction of a droopy eyebrow, which in a way tells us that no one method is perfect.

Brow Lift Surgery

Depending on the reason for brow ptosis, the type of brow ptosis i.e. whether it is more towards the outer half of the eyebrow or the in the half of the eyebrow, and expectations of the patient the procedure for treatment will vary.

The eyebrow can be lifted by a “direct brow lift” where skin +/-muscle above the eyebrow is removed. A droopy eyebrow can be treated chemically, with the use of botulinum toxin type A injections. An other method of lifting the eyebrow is through the upper eyelid skin crease, especially when it is combined with removal of excess upper eyelid skin while doing a blepharoplasty. Endoscopic browlift is another method of lifting the eyebrow.

It’s natural to feel anxious when it comes to treatment and surgical procedures especially in relation to your eyes. I encourage you to ask questions about your condition, so I can help you to be better informed of your condition, the treatment options available and allay any fears that you may have. During the consultation I will explain the procedures to you and help you to make positive choices, and remember there is always the option of doing nothing, so you have nothing to worry about.

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