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Entropion Correction

Entropion (in turning of the eyelid) is most commonly seen in the lower eyelid. It does occur in the upper eyelid, though that is very rare. I will be referring to lower eyelid entropion below.

Entropion Correction

Entropion, or in turning of the lower eyelid is essentially an ageing process. The eyelid turns inwards due to laxity of the eyelid and its tendons and hence the lashes rub against the front of the eye, especially the cornea (clear window of the eye) causing a lot of discomfort and distress in the form of a foreign body sensation. This causes a gritty feeling and may even cause a stabbing pain along with a red watery discharging eye. The eyelashes rub against the cornea and can cause an abrasion and can even lead to ulceration of the cornea.

The permanent treatment for this is an operation. For temporary relief the eye lid can be pulled down with micropore or transpore tape so that the lashes do not come in contact with the cornea.

The surgery is done under a local anaesthetic where the patient is awake and only the area to be operated is numbed. The eyelid is tightened and repositioned and there may be some sutures under the eyelid parallel to the eyelashes. All the sutures are dissolvable and hence do not need removing.

As with any surgery there is the risk of infection, bleeding and scarring. The eye can be uncomfortable in the outer corner for up to 6-8 weeks. This is another very successful operation and patients are relieved off the irritation and discomfort almost immediately after the operation.

It’s natural to feel anxious when it comes to treatment and surgical procedures especially in relation to your eyes. I encourage you to ask questions about your condition, so I can help you to be better informed of your condition, the treatment options available and allay any fears that you may have. During the consultation I will explain the procedures to you and help you to make positive choices, and remember there is always the option of doing nothing, so you have nothing to worry about.

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