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Ptosis Surgery

A droopy eyelid in a child is most often an isolated condition not associated with any syndromes or systemic conditions. It is important to make sure that the visual axis of the child is clear, to prevent the child from developing amblyopia (a lazy eye with poor vision).

Ptosis Surgery

Ptosis surgery in a child is aimed at lifting the eyelid so that the child’s visual axis is clear so that they can develop normal visual acuity. It is also important from a cosmesis point of view to maintain or improve the child’s self confidence.

The surgical procedure for correcting ptosis in a child depends on several factors.

The procedure itself may involve tightening or shortening of the levator muscle of the upper eyelid via a skin crease incision or through the back surface of the upper eyelid. Sometimes, if the function of the levator muscle (the muscle which lifts the eyelid) is very poor then a brow suspension procedure is required. This can be achieved by using a nylon suture in children under the age of four years or by using a part of the covering of the thigh muscle in older children. All children have their operations under a general anaesthetic, which is generally done as a day case not requiring an overnight stay.

It’s natural to feel anxious when it comes to treatment and surgical procedures especially in relation to your eyes. I encourage you to ask questions about your condition, so I can help you to be better informed of your condition, the treatment options available and allay any fears that you may have. During the consultation I will explain the procedures to you and help you to make positive choices, and remember there is always the option of doing nothing, so you have nothing to worry about.

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