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Orbital Surgery

An orbital biopsy is performed if there is a lesion in the orbit that is suspicious, and a histological assessment is required to aid in the diagnosis.

Orbital Surgery

Orbital surgery is done under a general anaesthetic and often you will have to stay overnight following this procedure. An orbital operation is done either to take a biopsy of either the lacrimal gland, or growth within the orbit, to release an infected abscess, or to make space within the orbit to release pressure on the optic nerve.

The procedure will we discussed on a case by case basis depending on the indication for surgery.

It’s natural to feel anxious when it comes to treatment and surgical procedures especially in relation to your eyes. I encourage you to ask questions about your condition, so I can help you to be better informed of your condition, the treatment options available and allay any fears that you may have. During the consultation I will explain the procedures to you and help you to make positive choices, and remember there is always the option of doing nothing, so you have nothing to worry about.

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